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Home Photography Studio Kit For Your Keen Amateur Photographer

Before I get in the gear I bought for my"house photography studio", I want to make it crystal clear that I am not coming to this post as a professional photographer – I don't picture individuals or charge a commission for shooting photographs of people or products. For more information regarding LED Lights, you may visit

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The main reason I decided to invest in this kind of photographic studio gear is since I did wish to find out if I could make my hobby pay for itself, by developing a site using my photos as material, which could be monetized by Google commercials; also, possibly, by selling things on either eBay or Amazon, using my camera to shoot photographs of products that I might chance to sell. 

As a result of my living situation at the moment, there were not any rooms at the home where I could shoot photos without some of the desktop clutter getting in the way of this shooter.

 Professional Photography Background Kit. I toyed for a while about which desktop kit for you. Prices varied from underneath #30 (US$43 approx.) To #200 (US$288 approx.). In the long run, I picked for the finest quality – something which will be dependable and never begins falling to bits after a couple of uses.

 Additionally, I bought a roster of black newspapers and a cherry red colour (this past one I have NEVER ONCE USED; I believed that I was going to be creative with utilizing different wallpapers, but in regards to shooting the photographs.