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Features Of Magsafe Macbook

In this modern, on-the-go digital lifestyle, the Apple MacBook 13.3-inch laptop is the perfect blend of innovation, affordability, and computing power. An integrated graphics chip and 2GB of RAM (expandable to 4) give the 'white' laptop a huge boost in video processing power.

A flip-up hatch on the right side exposes a USB port, a Mini DisplayPort, and a stereo headphone jack, while the left side reveals a MagSafe adapter for power, an iSight webcam, and a microphone above the screen. If you’re thinking of getting an apple watch then it is recommended to buy a magsafe charger with apple watch.

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The built-in iSight camera, along with Apple's companion version of iChat (complete with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard operating system) makes it as easy as turning on the power to connect and video chat or teleconference with friends, family and colleagues.

Apple's celebrated innovation, the 60W MagSafe Power Adapter, provides an added security feature through the magnetic connection to your power supply, so accidentally tripping over the power cord or grabbing your laptop while you are running will not damage it in any way as the cable will automatically release.

A single speaker located below the keyboard is included for mono sound. The keyboard design offers a lower profile, giving you a more responsive touch as you type.

The flip-down hatch on the side of the MacBook Air fits snugly over some headphone jacks and USB devices, requiring users to purchase an extension cable. A preferred choice for professionals and students alike, MacBook is not only packed with great features, but also has a slim profile and an attractive look on any desktop.