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Examining Water Flow In Mini Reef Systems

Mini reef systems are saltwater aquariums designed to reproduce nature and keep corals and other marine life alive. They differ from standard aquariums in many ways. One of the biggest differences is how you want the water to circulate in the tank.

View Of Water Flow In The Reef Aquarium

While most standard aquariums can handle a content filter or even a gravel filter, mini reef systems need to have fast water movement for their inhabitants to grow and thrive. You can also hop over to this website to buy reef aquariums online.

Just like in nature, the movement of water helps to keep corals clean and residue-free. This increases the oxygen level in the tank and keeps dirt and debris in suspension so that it can be removed from the filter system.

Several years ago, reef owners relied on pumps and food heads to provide water to their reef tanks, often resulting in high electricity bills and overfilled tanks. This type of water movement drains and flows water at high speed and small diameter. They are not very effective at providing a good natural flow pattern.

However, today there are a wide variety of specialized pumps that provide a very wide and large model of water flow and do so with very little energy consumption. This pump uses a specially designed vane to provide a large flow rate with a low flow rate, making the inhabitants of your mini reef system more natural.

These specialty reef pumps are available online or at most fish stores. The prices also vary widely. So make sure to find out which unit best fits your reef tank and budget.