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Check The Types Of Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are usually found in people who consume excessive amounts of calcium, especially in tablet form. People who have recurrent kidney stones are more likely to develop calcium oxalate stones. Calcium and vitamins in tablet form tend to worsen kidney stones. You can get the right management of chronic kidney disease at

We all know that vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption. It’s good for bones. But excessive intake of vitamin D only harms your health through the formation of calcium stones.

Nurse Intake for Chronic Kidney Disease with Patient South Texas Renal Care Group

If you are diagnosed with this type of stone, you should limit your consumption of dairy products, meat and poultry. Instead, start with a low-calcium, high-fiber diet.

Allopurinal has been shown to be the most effective drug for patients with calcium stones. However, if any of the patients experience side effects from the medication, they should stop taking the medication.

Uric acid stones

Uric acid stones are another common type that occurs in people who have kidney stones. This occurs when the urine has a high concentration of uric acid or is in the form of uric acid which is easily soluble in water.

People who are at high risk of developing uric acid stones

People who receive chemotherapy to treat cancer have higher levels of uric acid in their urine than normal people.

People who live in hot, dry areas and don’t drink at least eight to ten glasses of water can often become dehydrated. They cause small amounts of urine and thus increase the risk of uric acid stones.

Symptoms of uric acid stones

A person with uric acid stones will feel severe pain and, like other types of kidney stones, will see blood in the urine. Therefore, a complete diagnosis will only help identify the type of kidney stone. Usually, uric acid stones cannot be seen on X-rays. Computed tomography and a 24-hour urine test are needed to identify stones.