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Buy Best Multi-Channel Dash Cam Systems

Multi-channel dash cam systems are one of the top options for people looking for a safe way to record their driving, whether they are just traveling through a new area or going on a long, hazardous road trip. If you want to find out which camera system is best suited for your own needs, this article has a breakdown of all the top ones.

A multi-channel dash cam system is a camera that records video in more than one direction simultaneously. This gives you a better view of what is happening around your car and can help you capture footage of car accidents or other incidents. Some multi-channel dash cams also have sensors that detect movement and automatically start recording when they detect something happening. 

multi-channel dash cam system

Here are some of the most common types of dash cams:

  • Front-mounted cameras are the most common type and they're generally used as backup cameras. They're placed in the center of the car behind the windshield. 
  • Rear-mounted cameras are typically used as primary cams because they have a wider field of view than front-mounted cameras. They're located behind the rearview mirror and can capture more footage than a side-mounted camera. 
  • Side-mounted cameras are usually used for vehicle security or to capture accidents or other incidents that take place on one side of the car. They're less common than other types of dash cams because they don't offer as wide a field of view as front or rear cameras. 
  • Rearview cameras are a newer type that use a mirror to project footage onto your screen in the car. This is useful for monitoring passengers or recording activities behind you while you're driving.