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Advantages and disadvantages of a sturdy pool cover

In essence, it can be said that a thick pool cover is the highest form of pool cover as it is the only one among all pool cover types that offer absolute protection for your pool. Nothing can happen as long as it is installed properly. Other covers such as net covers and nets, on the other hand, can only filter out some of the dirt. Ideally, it looks like a solid pool cover, still has its drawbacks and the others have their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of a sturdy pool cover

As mentioned earlier, the biggest benefit is that your pool is completely covered. It blocks out the dirt that would stain your perfect swimming pool. Also, its sealing ability generates more benefits for pool owners and keeps the pool clean.

If it could effectively block something, it should be able to seal it too. On the one hand, pool water is sealed because the lid significantly reduces the rate of water evaporation, which also significantly reduces the price listed on the pool owner's water bill. The owner does not need to refill the pool too often.

Also, there is often no need to heat the water in the pool as it can also condense the heat from the water, which in turn benefits the owner by reducing the cost of electricity to heat the water.

Pool chemicals also last longer with harsh pool covers, which increase the duration of their effect, which in turn benefits their owners because fewer chemicals have to be purchased more frequently.