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Accessible bathrooms for disabled people: baths

It can be difficult for elderly and disabled people to get in and out of the tub. Some people find it difficult to raise their legs above the sides of the bath. Others have trouble standing up or getting out. The slippery surface may be too dangerous for someone with mobility problems or balance issues, or it could be that the fear of falling is too great. If that is the case, take a look at the disabled bathtubs options (and there are many!

Everyone wants to feel clean and fresh. First, consider what you are struggling with and what help you may need. It will then be easier to find the accessible toilet aid you need. When searching online, you can find genuine disability bathrooms with accessories at

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Below are some examples of bathroom aids. 

Disabled Baths: Options

A bath lift is placed inside a regular bathtub. The individual then sits on the lift which lowers them into the tub and raises them from it. These are best suited for people who can reach the sides of the bath and lift their legs high enough to raise them above the rim. 

Bath hoists

Bath hoists are an ideal solution for wheelchair users who are unable to use a bath. These hoists can be powered or mechanical and include a seat that is attached to a column. This allows the user to lift, move and lower themselves into the bath. Before you buy one, consider how much assistance you will have.