The Future of Vaping

future of vaping

No one could have predicted that when e-cigarettes first came out years ago that the world of vaping as we know it would follow suit. While its rise in popularity is considerable, what is even more impressive is the leaps and jumps that the technology behind this alternative to smoking has taken since the e-cigarette first came out.

Now, there are countless brands that are making both e-liquids and equipment alike to satisfy the customer that is constantly craving something newer and more exciting. Thousands of varieties of e-liquids are available, with varying degrees of nicotine for those that have chosen this route over the arguably more harmful tobacco. So, with all of the advancements over these few short years, what could possibly be coming next?

New Designs

While there are still thousands (if not millions) that are using stick shaped vaping equipment, both with a tank and without, it seems that the trend is going far more into the realm of boxes and box mods. These offer a variety of better options in customization of your actual puffs, and typically offer a larger tank for your liquid. What isn’t being seen so much yet as this trend grows, is the box mod changing shape to be significantly sleeker. While the Alien series have streamlined somewhat, expect less corners and edges in the near future. 

Smaller Mods   

Mods are amazing for vapors. They offer a level of versatility to each vaping experience unlike any other equipment out there. The problem is, they are bulky. This makes them difficult to always carry around with you, and many people just aren’t into keeping their vape box on a lanyard around their neck. You can fully expect these powerful mods to get smaller and smaller, much like the early days of computer chips. They started out bulky and gigantic, but ended up sleek and small and versatile.

These are just a couple of the likely routes that will be taken with the near future of the vaping world. It seems reasonable that these companies are going to strive hard to give their customers what they really want, and that fits into both of the aforementioned ideas.

Jessica Perez