Renaissance Italy Artists

The time that immediately followed the Medieval period in Europe is known for its revival in classical learning and the values of the ancient Greeks and Romans. At a time of growing prosperity together with better political stability, new technologies were being invented, such as the printing press, and it was a time of exploration and discovery with new continents being discovered and a new astronomical system being developed. At the same time, literature and philosophy began to flourish, as did art. The sculptures and paintings known as Renaissance works date back to the period between the late 14th century and the early 16th century. The works were produced by skilled Italian masters whose names are still famous today – Leonard da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo being just three of them. Here are the most famous renaissance Italy artists.

Leonardo da Vinci

One of the most famous painters of all time, Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452 and died in 1519. He was not only a painter, but also a scientist, inventor and architect, and he is considered to be a natural genius. Despite his many interests, he is best known as an artist, and two of his paintings are among the best known works today, The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa. Da Vinci mostly educated himself, filling dozens of notebooks with his theories, observations and inventions, and while he was praised as a talented artists during his lifetime, it was not until much later that his true genius was fully appreciated.


Born in 1475, Michelangelo is best known as a sculptor and painter, however he was also an architect too. He is now believed to be one of the best artists from the Italian Renaissance era, and possibly even of all time. His works show a level of intensity, physical realism and psychological insight that had never been seen before during his lifetime. Even his contemporaries recognized that he was extraordinarily talented, and he was commissioned by many powerful and wealthy people of his day, including the Pope. His David and Pieta sculptures are known throughout the world, while his Sistine Chapel ceiling is visited by thousands of visitors every year.


Raphael is one of the leading figures in the Italian Renaissance, and even today he is well known for producing his “Madonnas” as well as for his works that are displayed in the Vatican in Rome. Born in 1483, Raphael was apprenticed to Perugino in 1504 and lived in Florence between 1504 and 1507 when he began painting his series of “Madonnas”. Between 1509 and 1511, he was in Rome, painting frescoes in the Vatican Palace and in 1514, he was hired to be the pope’s chief architect. He is best known for his Sistine Madonna, which was his last work in that series. After his sudden and mysterious death at the age of only 37 in 1520, Raphael’s legacy lived on. His Mannerism movement influenced Italian painting styles into the Baroque period. He is still regarded today as one of art’s leading figures.

The Future of Vaping

future of vaping

No one could have predicted that when e-cigarettes first came out years ago that the world of vaping as we know it would follow suit. While its rise in popularity is considerable, what is even more impressive is the leaps and jumps that the technology behind this alternative to smoking has taken since the e-cigarette first came out.

Now, there are countless brands that are making both e-liquids and equipment alike to satisfy the customer that is constantly craving something newer and more exciting. Thousands of varieties of e-liquids are available, with varying degrees of nicotine for those that have chosen this route over the arguably more harmful tobacco. So, with all of the advancements over these few short years, what could possibly be coming next?

New Designs

While there are still thousands (if not millions) that are using stick shaped vaping equipment, both with a tank and without, it seems that the trend is going far more into the realm of boxes and box mods. These offer a variety of better options in customization of your actual puffs, and typically offer a larger tank for your liquid. What isn’t being seen so much yet as this trend grows, is the box mod changing shape to be significantly sleeker. While the Alien series have streamlined somewhat, expect less corners and edges in the near future. 

Smaller Mods   

Mods are amazing for vapors. They offer a level of versatility to each vaping experience unlike any other equipment out there. The problem is, they are bulky. This makes them difficult to always carry around with you, and many people just aren’t into keeping their vape box on a lanyard around their neck. You can fully expect these powerful mods to get smaller and smaller, much like the early days of computer chips. They started out bulky and gigantic, but ended up sleek and small and versatile.

These are just a couple of the likely routes that will be taken with the near future of the vaping world. It seems reasonable that these companies are going to strive hard to give their customers what they really want, and that fits into both of the aforementioned ideas.

Famous Grouse 40 years old in decanter

Just 276 decanters of the 40 year old product, the whisky house’s oldest blend to date, have been made available, of which Amsterdam airport (AMS) got the first six from mid-August until the end of September 2013. The elegant decanter was designed by Scottish creative Timorous Beasties.

Each is hand-engraved with a bespoke design of the brand’s iconic red grouse perched in foliage. Bottles are sealed with a Scottish silver stopper and come in a luxury wooden gift box. Having been matured in ex-Sherry casks, each of the whiskies in the blend was carefully selected for its unique character.

Famous Grouse 40 years old in decanter

For a six-week period, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) was the only location worldwide to sell whisky brand Famous Grouse’s new and rare 40-year-old when it launches next month.

Thereafter, whiskey decanter set, which has a €2000, or $2622 price tag in travel retail, was launched across the European duty free and travel retail channel, with locations in Asian DF&TR according to Famous Grouse brand owner Edrington. Asian markets taking the decanter where India, Hong Kong and China. The DF&TR distribution was handled by Maxxium, in which Edrington holds a 50% stake.

The Famous Grouse 40yo (ABV 47.3%, 70cl) has not been available to domestic markets until 1 November 2013, and then only selected ones including Sweden, Taiwan, UK at £2,000 and Australia.

How Whisky is made?

Single malt whisky is made from 3 basic ingredients:

  • Malted barley (barley which has been soaked to promote the first stages of growth or germination, then dried to halt further growth)
  • Water – usually spring water
  • Yeast

These simple ingredients are combined and cooked in an age-old and complex process to produce a raw, high alcohol spirit called New Make Spirit (NMS). There is however, a tremendous skill and knowledge needed to produce quality whisky from grain to glass and with hundreds of years of history behind many distilleries, recipes are handed down through generations of stills men.

Each distillery selects (and protects), its particular strain of grain like Optic. Golden Promise and Chariot. Combined with their unique water sources and specific yeast varieties, it’s not hard to see how a common and well know distillation process can yield very different results. Add to this, the skill of the head distiller and the type of casks selected for maturation of the new spirit along with the physical location of the distillery which is affected by weather and you have all the components for a wide variety of whisky.

In the end, making whisky is part industrial process, part skill and part closely guarded knowledge. A combination of technology, myth and history. A great mixture which results in a fantastic choice for the customer and a feeling of true history in the brand.

For those that have visited a distillery for a tour, you will know that the best ones try (and usually succeed!), in marrying folklore, history, technical process and a sense of brand to provide us all with more than just a spirit in a bottle. The production process doesn’t tell the story of the whisky – just the steps needed to get that all important New Make Spirit, which in itself is unique to a distillery. Although all the ingredients are there, It’s after that a touch of magic happens to make the whisky we know and love.

The video below describes the production process, but doesn’t describe the skill, knowledge and love that goes into making fine single malt whisky.

Irish Whiskey Brands Which Have A Unique Crisp Taste

A number of people out there have attributed the huge range of the Irish whiskey brands that are available out there to be a major cause of the confusion that comes when you’re trying to identify your choice. The good thing is that the huge variety has created a great selection of items especially for first timers. Many people have admitted that each and every one of the brands that they managed to taste had a very unique taste that goes a long way to making you love the blend. This means that you will get to love whichever Irish whiskey brands that you decide to select.

The Irish population has gone down into the history books as possible pioneers of distilling the most unique blends of brews. This is however a very contentious issues that has always been up for debate on a number of occasions. All in all, the Irish whiskey brands remain the best when it comes to a crisp taste that tends to go down well with many people. A number of conducted studies revealed that many people prefer a certain drink because of how it tastes. Anyone who knows the Irish whiskey brands will agree that they have an incredible taste.

Many people have avoided the consumption of alcoholic drinks because they presume that the taste will throw them off within a couple of sips. However, this is not the case when it comes to any of the Irish whiskey brands as these have been distilled for a lengthy period thus giving enough time for the taste to become quite fine. Even the delicate individuals will not complain when they swallow the Irish whiskey brands as the feeling as it goes down the throat is quite amazing. This is probably why it is recommended that you take the drink when it is chilled.

When the Irish whiskey brands are taken in a chilled state, they tend to have a very unique and amazing blend that will be appreciated by many alcohol drinkers. The alcohol content is also quite significant which makes the brew a very popular drink for many. You will rarely come across a drink that has such a unique blend, such as what is achieved by the available Irish whiskey brands. You should therefore not hesitate to try out any of the brands so that you can possibly come across one or two that will be your favorite.

Irish Whiskey Brands With An Incredible Taste

Irish Whiskey Brands With An Incredible TasteThere is nothing more amazing that having a taste of the Irish whiskey brands especially considering the fact that the Irish were the original developers of this brand of drink. There is no party or bar out there that you will attend and lack to come across a number of whiskey bottles, which is a clear depiction of how much people live this drink. A number of people have attributed their love for the drink to be with regard to the fact that it has a very smooth taste in the mouth. The Irish whiskey brands have all been described in this manner which means that you will enjoy whichever brand you prefer.

Even when you check the history books, you will realize that the praise for the Irish whiskey brands began way back in the days when the distillation process used to take days. This may still be the case even today as the distillers usually pride themselves in having a lot of patience and allowing the booze to distill toe even weeks so as to achieve that fine and crisp taste. It is believed that the traveling monks of back in the day brought with them the unique knowledge of distilling Irish whiskey brands and the trend has continued even today.

There are a number of prominent businessmen and wealthy families that made their breakthrough with some of the renowned Irish whiskey brands. This is probably why you will come across some brands that have people’s as a commemoration of the individuals behind the inception of that unique brand. Each of these Irish whiskey brands had their own unique way of blending and distilling the whiskey which is probably why there are a number of brand variations. Some people presume that the Irish whiskey is usually distilled up to three times hence its distinct taste.

Whatever the case may be, there has never been any argument with regard to the quality of the Irish whiskey brands. There were quite a number of strict rules that the distilleries used back in the day and even today. The brewing technology available today has helped a number of these prominent brands to be able to make very exquisite and crisp tasting blends that has helped to popularize the drink all over the world. There is clearly no drink out there that can come close to challenging the superiority of the Irish whiskey brands especially considering the fact that this is a brew with a very rich history.

The Best Irish Whiskey Brands On The Market

The Best Irish Whiskey Brands On The MarketThere are a lot of high quality drinks available on the market. When it comes to whiskey, Irish whiskeys are considered to be the premium drink. The reason why Irish whiskeys are so good is because it took hundreds of years to develop this superior drink.  You can find a lot of Irish whiskey brands which are so good that people call it the “Water of life.” According to history, the fermentation of Irish whiskey started in the 18th century.  It is also stated that Elizabeth I was able to taste the classic Irish whiskey that are being duplicated today. If you want to know about Irish whiskey brands, this piece will give a brief description about some high quality Irish whiskeys which are available on the market.

One of the best Irish whiskey brands is the Bushmills Irish whiskey. The Bushmills Irish whiskey produces two popular Irish whiskeys, the Bushmills 1608 and the Bushmills original.  The Bushmills 1608 has a very flavorful taste.  This Irish whiskey is very smooth and it makes you feel that the whiskey melts in your mouth. The Bushmills original is a triple blend of distilled malt whiskey combined with light Irish grain whiskey.  The Bushmills original is aged for at least five years and this result to its flavorful taste. The Bushmills Irish whiskey belongs to the best Irish whiskey brands that are available on the market.

One of the Irish whiskey brands that are very popular is the Jameson Irish whiskies. You can find a lot of Irish whiskies under this name and all of them are of good quality. Some of the popular names from Jameson Irish whiskies are the Jameson Irish whiskey, the Jameson gold Reserve, Jameson 12 years, Jameson 18 years, and the Jameson rarest vintage reserve. All of these whiskies are proven to satisfy the taste of its drinkers. Jameson whiskies deserve to be labeled as one of the best Irish whiskey brands on the market.

The last of the Irish whiskey brands that will be mentioned on this piece is the Kibbegan Irish whiskey. The aroma of the Kibbegan Irish whiskey can be compared to the combination of vanilla and caramel. The taste of this Irish whiskey is like sweet malt sugars and it is truly one of the best Irish whiskey brands on the market today. If you want to know more about Irish whiskey, you can surf the internet for websites that contains information about them. You can try out these brands and enjoy the water of life.